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Need some feedback on your owned media? Your blog or website is your digital real estate and essentially your owned media. It is important to have a solid digital footprint.

Do you have a blog? What about a media page? How does your social media look to journalists?

I will use my journalist/PR eye and audit your online presence and write a report with feedback and next-step recommendations to make sure you are media-friendly and media-ready.

Get your personal media critique.

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You have a website and blog but aren't sure if it is media ready? Or maybe you just want a critical eye to go over your digital home because you want to look your best!

I will give you my honest feedback using all my journalism experience.

Do you want feedback on your blog content? Fresh ideas on how to take it up a notch? Do you have television segments you would like reviewed?

Want some next step recommendations to help you rock the mic, get your message out there in sound bits the media loves and deliver a performance that will make you a magnet for more media?

Or maybe it's a radio segment, podcast or, even a YouTube video or LIVE stream?

Let's do an audit of your website, Media page, and Social Media channels to get you properly positioned to earn media!

I will use my years as a television producer and radio editor to help you master your communication and media skills.

$299 CDN

Or maybe you have a Media Page set up on your website and you need someone to give it the once over? Need some recommendations to make it more media-friendly?

Don't have a Media Page yet? Not sure where to start? I can help you with that too!

I will give you recommendations and a framework to create your Media Page!

After I look through your website, Media page, and social media channels I will give you actionable recommendations to get you ready to earn and receive the media's attention!